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SITEORE - The Ready to use WordPress Website Platform

SiteOre is platform where you can buy ready to use WordPress Websites. You just select the website design and we'll do the rest. With your new WordPress website you'll get Free Hosting in addition to custom emails, free installation, configuration and support. We can configure it on your existing Domain name or you can buy a new one from SiteOre.

Gorgeous Designs

Our web designers have crafted stunning WordPress website designs for every niche. These high end WordPress websites have industry leading user interfaces in addition to other best practices including optimized images and scripts.


SiteOre offer most economic WordPress Websites in the entire industry. We offer Free Web Hosting, Free Custom Email and Free Support in just $ 59. Other WordPress Theme Clubs and Marketplaces charge hundreds of dollars for the same.

Search Engine Friendly

Our developers craft the websites in accordance with industry standards suggested by leading search engines. Additionally our experts will install industry leading WordPress tools that will help you further improve the site while adding content.

Quick Setup

We'll setup your WordPress website very quickly once we get your order. You can instruct us to configure it on your existing domain name or you can buy a new one here from SiteOre. Our tech support will let you know by an email once your website is ready.

Responsive Web Design

All the WordPress Websites available here at SiteOre and responsive , means they will display perfectly fine on every device including but not limited to Desktops, laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones.

24/7 Customer Support

You'll get free customer support with your order. Feel free to contact us if you need any information or assistance on your website.